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IMG_8114Something that’s always made me wonder is how all baby food is the same consistency and how different batches can look the exact same. Kind of creeps me out. Even before I was pregnant, I had my mind set that I was going to make my own baby food. Thankfully, my sister gave me a lot of tips, ideas, and encouragement because let’s face it, it’s so much easier to buy baby food in a jar.

Each week, we walk to the family-owned farm down the road and pick out fresh, seasonal vegetables. Butternut squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, and yellow squash have made it home with us lately. Because the farm only has a limited amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, we also make a weekly run to the grocery store to stock up on other produce such as pears, apples, bananas, kiwi, avocado, and beans.IMG_2583For food that I plan to feed Everett for lunch and dinner, I prep (wash, cut, steam or roast) everything and then toss the desired combinations into the food processor. Then, I transfer everything to jars, label them, and place them in the freezer to be used at a later time when needed.

For breakfast, I generally make his food the morning of, as he usually eats fruit and certain vegetables that tend to brown if prepped and saved to eat at a later time. We have an immersion blender that I use or, if the fruit/vegetable is ripe enough, mash it with a fork.IMG_8452Occasionally, I’ll  peruse the baby food aisle while I’m at the grocery store to get ideas for what to make because honestly, it’s a challenge to be creative. Some mixtures sound outright repulsive (read: chicken and green beans) but others sound quite appetizing, which is where I draw my ideas from.

Recently, a friend gave me a Fresh Squeeze, which allows me to make my own baby food pouches for when we are on the go. To go with, I purchased reusable pouches and caps. No more fumbling with sticky bananas or loose blueberries on the plane! However, no matter how you feed your baby, it gets messy!IMG_8141IMG_8532IMG_8566

Here are a few recipes that have become favorites around here.


Avocado + kale + banana

Avocado + kale + strawberries

Spinach + banana + mango

Spinach + kiwi + banana

Spinach + banana + peanut butter

Beet + carrot + apple + cinnamon


Butternut squash + zucchini + bone broth

Acorn squash + sweet potatoes + bone broth

Cauliflower + garbanzo beans + tahini

Avocado + diced tomatoes + black beans + cumin

* Occasionally I’ll mix quinoa into the purees.






Homemade carrot apple bread

Homemade pancakes

The following are roasted with olive oil and seasoning:

Sweet potatoes


Green beans



What types of foods do you like to feed your little one? Do you make your own food or buy it from the grocery store?

2 thoughts on “Baby Foodie

  1. If I knew then what I know now……
    Keep up the great work. I give you huge props for making Everetts food. I remember these meat sticks I used to give Erika & Travis. (Ugh!)


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